Let's Get Working

Each client has specific needs. I take the time to listen to their challenges and develop a strategic approach that matches their brand and their budget. Below you'll find a curated portfolio of my work to get a sense for how we can work together. If you're looking for more examples of websites, email marketing, coaching or custom projects, contact me and I'll send you examples of my work curated to your needs and business.


BluePrint Strategy

Website design

BluePrint Strategy, a business consulting firm in Nashville, needed a website that was cost effective and easily navigable to support their business launch, acquire new clients and spread the word about what they do. Logistically, they wanted a website that allowed them to sell products, they could update on their own and that featured clear language and photographs. I supported them throughout the design and post launch: designing the site to fit their brand, finding photography, copyediting their first draft of writing and ensuring the site was technically strong. I also facilitated an in-person tutorial so their employees could learn how to manage the website on their own. Since launch, the website has helped their business grow and they have launched a second business, Collaborate, to support small businesses further.


"Kirsty has a knack for presenting content in a clean, visually appealing manner. Her design for my company website creatively depicts the message I want to convey. She is enthusiastic, open-minded, and genuine about what works and what doesn’t. It is a pleasure working with Kirsty, and I appreciate that she is always responsive to any follow-up questions I have regarding my company website." - Brittany Lorenzi, Founder


Peregrine Property Group

email marketing

Peregrine Property Group, a real estate firm in Denver, wanted to re-energize their marketing strategy, redoing their template and collaborating with someone who could help inspire and manage them. I helped launch the new template by ensuring the design matched their brand and collaborated on an email marketing strategy for the upcoming months. Now, monthly, we work together on each email; I help write content, find photographs, set up tech, update subscribers and send reporting on each campaign's success. Email marketing has helped encourage word of mouth to grow their business and positions Peregrine Property Group as friendly, personable experts in their field.


"Kirsty is such a pleasure to work with! She demonstrates competency and professionalism in every meeting and email. The results of every newsletter continue to be exactly what we had hoped for. Kirsty keeps on track with content deadlines and she is always prompt and organized in her delivery. We love collaborating with Kirsty. She is so easy to work with." - Kristin Hill, Broker-Owner and Allison Limbaugh, Managing Broker


Earnest Journey


Angela Wiggins, a personal and professional coach in Nashville, needed a collaborator and marketing expert to help her launch her business with confidence. Angela and I kicked off an ongoing relationship by deep diving into who she is, why she does it and how she is different, solidifying her Brand Identity and Sales Strategy. Identifying her brand allowed us to begin working together monthly to collaboratively develop a Marketing Plan, launch her website and kick off email marketing. Coaching/consulting has helped her launch her business with confidence and acquire new clients.


"As a coach, my company is focused on my ability to serve my clients on multiple levels. Kirsty assisted me in finding the right focus and message for my ideal audience. Her skill at bringing the best ideas out in me felt new and exciting, yet comfortable. I came away with the foundation to continue to build my marketing plan and all the necessary tools to do it. I am confident that the work we produced is a reflection of who I am and what I want my business to project to the world." - Angela Wiggins, Founder


Derazi Homes

Website redesign

Derazi Homes, a home builder in Atlanta, needed a website refresh to position their business as modern and high-end, two qualities they intrinsically represent. I redesigned their website, edited photographs and supported technical execution to improve their search engine optimization. I interviewed their Founder, Shaba, to write the website copy and collaborated with their Marketing Director, Gretchen, to ensure the site best supported their sales process. The website launch has helped them market their business by providing a strong, digital first encounter.


"Kirsty was very patient with us in the creation of our company website. We wanted a site that was on-trend, yet reflected the professionalism and attention to detail that we provide our clients. From the moment we hired Kirsty, we were impressed with her ability to listen to our company story and reflect those beliefs within the site, both visually and verbally. We will continue to work with Kirsty, and recommend her to anyone in need of a true professional." - Shaba Derazi, Founder