Kirsty Hughan in the News


Below you'll find a selection of articles I've had the pleasure of appearing in nationally from The Huffington Post to locally in the Nashville Business Journal.


A! Magazine for the Arts

"Make Your Art, Then Make It Work"



"Networking Tips to Land the Big Job"

"Flip the Interview: How to Know if the Job is Right for You"

"ModNashville on Fox-17 News"



"Diving in Isn't for Everyone, and Nashville Startup Weekend Proved It"

"Nashville Startup Weekend Brings New People, Ideas to the Table"

"Mark your Calendar for Nashville Notable Events including Mod"

"The female leaders I admire the most are those who quietly lead careers in their own communities, allowing them to create a positive lifestyle for themselves and joy for others."

- The Huffington Post's "Women in Business Q&A"

"They brought diverse groups of founders together to pitch truly risky albeit incomplete business plans; teams brimming with eagerness, and a fresh attitude- acknowledging that the small amount of research they gathered from folks at the NRA convention didn’t fully encapsulate their target markets."

- Southern/alpha's "Nashville Startup Weekend Brings New People, Ideas to the Table