Worksheet: Create a Marketing Plan

Next weekend, I'm excited to be leading a Workshop at TN Craft's Make Your Art then Make it Work: Crafting a Brand That Sells. I was fortunate to speak on a panel of experts last year during the annual event. This year, I'm thrilled to share that I'll be hosting my own session.

Small business are used to doing it all. These types of entrepreneurs thrive on having their hand in everything and it's more cost effective to do it this way. That means that projects like marketing lay on their shoulders. The tough part is, as good as small business owners are at doing it all, it's literally impossible to manage every possible marketing channel from social media to email marketing to public relations.

With this in mind, my past resource, "How to Make a Marketing Strategy that Fits," explored how a small business owner could create a marketing strategy that fit just right for them. Inspired by this strategy, I've developed a worksheet that allows you to create a Marketing Plan on your own.

How to Use the Worksheet

1. Download the worksheet through the button below and clicking, "Click Here to Download Worksheet" once you've submitted your email.

2. Begin by identifying your goals. These are general business goals that marketing will allow you to achieve. Be specific, it makes you more likely to achieve your goals! Example of a good goal include, "To onboard three new clients this quarter" or "To begin selling my jewelry in five new stores this month."

3. Next, choose three to five channels on which you can market yourself. Remember, it's impossible for you to leverage every channel; you simply don't have the time. When choosing channels consider these questions. Do I enjoy this? Does it help me achieve my goals? Does it align with my budget?

4. Lastly, set up a calendar by identifying the frequency and actions for each channel. Not every week or month will have an activity. A tip? Consider what your audience would want to hear.  In the example above, you'll see I've chosen three marketing channels to use and the actions associated with each for the month of January.

Now is your time to shine. Let's get working!