Tips for Small Business Advertising on Facebook

It seems like it's really easy to set up an advertisement on Facebook as a small business.  And it is easy to set up.  But it's a little more challenging to take a second step and make your ads extremely effective and budget friendly.  As a result, I thought it would be helpful for me to provide you a few advertising for small business on Facebook tips.  That way you can make your ads go from good to fantastic.

Recommendations for Facebook Ads: Audience

  • Make sure you are very specific about your target city. Only looking to make an impact on your hometown (and that hometown is Nashville)? Then only choose Nashville, TN as your target city.
  • Choose an age demographic that works for you.  Be specific.  You’ll know best.
  • Choose your language.  Most small businesses will select English.

Setting Up Interest

  • Let's say you are a company that provides artistic services to non-artists.  Here, if you want to go broad, select a bunch of items that fit generally under Interests: Arts and music, Artist, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, the Arts and Art Museum.
  • Think creatively about what you know about your audience and fans.  Are they family oriented?  if so, you could choose an interest in Family?  Are they consistently Democrat?  Then, you could choose an interest in the Democratic Party.
  • If you'd like, you can get even more specific.  Providing artistic services in the visual arts?  Be specific about choosing people who are only interested in oil painting and/or acrylic painting instead of painting generally.
  • If you’d like to be somewhere in the middle, you can choose interests that align with yours like filmmaking, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts or the First Friday Art Walk.
  • Generally, what I would recommend doing is coming up with a few different audiences to test and advertise to, because you’ll find some will do much better than others.  So maybe do one audience that is very broad, people who like arts and music in Nashville say, and then a few here or there that are specific, like people who like the oil painting and Arts and First Friday Art Walk.
  • Keep in mind that when you add multiple interests Facebook adds an OR so that your audience is people who like First Friday Art Walk OR Arts and Music, so when you’re testing ads you'll want to organize your broad items together, middle range together and very specific together.  As a result, I would recommend setting up THREE ads: one ad for broad likes, one for middle,and one very specific.  Then, you’ll be able to see which performs best based on which receives the most clicks to your Eventbrite page (percentage-wise)

Setting Up Behavior

  • I have not experimented a lot with behavior but I encourage you to!  Setting Behavior would be great if you know your audience tends to purchase things online or in the arts category, etc.
  • Experiment with Behavior as you would Interests.  For example, you could try Buyer Profile: Foodie or Luxury or Trendy Homemakers, if you know that aligns with your audience.

Setting Up Budget

  • Obviously choose something that makes sense for your budget! Be careful about your timeline so that you don't suddenly overspend.

Setting Up Schedule

  • What I would recommend is to select a few days to test out audiences and interests and then wrap up the campaign. After that, review the success of your campaign and relaunch your ads after testing is complete. When you relaunch, you can focus on the audience, schedule and budgets that are receiving the best results. Combine that with the website copy and image that is receiving the best results (more on that now!).

Recommendations for Facebook Ads: Content

  • Similarly to the audiences you choose, make sure to do some testing with your ad copy and imagery. You’ll see pretty quickly which ads are performing best and that will allow you to focus on just the images and copy that are working most effectively. For example, if you are doing a holiday themed ad, you may find that New Years is much more effective for driving sign ups that Christmas.
  • Go with your gut when it comes to copy. The more authentic to you the more successful you’ll be.

Setting Up the Headline, Text and Button

  • For the headline, you’ll want something that grabs people’s attention (so punchy or personable) and gets the idea across quickly. I would always recommend using Calls to Action wherever you can because it gets people moving! A headline is a great place to write something like, “Sign up” or “Start the new year” or “Show a loved one” or “Give the gift.”
  • The text is your chance to add additional information about your classes. You can use this to sell yourself, “award-winning” or “everyone’s favorite.” You can also use this to give more info, “three months of art classes” or “with the expert” or “introductory classes.” I’d recommend being simple and succinct here, people will not always read this text.
  • Always include a call to action button that is straightforward. In this case, I’d say, “sign up” or “purchase now” or “buy your gift.” You’ll want the call to action to match your headline, though it doesn’t have to be match verbatim.

Recommendations for Facebook Ads: Placement

  • You can choose where these ads go, whether on your feed, right column or mobile view. Check out your SEO to see how people usually visit your site and use what you know about how people sign up for services. For example, mobile can be tough if you want people to buy something but great if you want to increase awareness.