Work Experience

Principal, Seamless Marketing, 2014-Present

Consultant, Ketner Group PR + Marketing, 2014-Present

Marketing Manager, Shipping Easy, 2014-2014

Marketing Manager, Digby, 2012-2014

Business Development, Pam Anderson & Three Many Cooks, 2011-2012

I'm a Creative Connector

I am passionate about welcoming you in, making you feel confident and connecting you to the processes and people who can best help you express your business and yourself.

I love creating things and when it comes to marketing I love solving the concept of a website, the puzzle of a marketing plan and the strategy of how to best manifest who you are.

I’m extraordinarily lucky to have the opportunity to combine my passion for Connecting with my love of Creating, especially in a business I've been pleased to run since 2014. If you trace the history of my career, you also find the threads of these two actions running seamlessly through.

They are found in acting as the Marketing Manager for two business-to-business technology companies in Austin, learning the business and skill of editorial food publishing from one of Cook’s Illustrated’s founders, Pam Anderson, in Connecticut and making art and learning to write at my alma mater Bard College in New York.

Personally, my passion for creating and connecting have been well alighted co-founding and acting as president for Mod from 2014 to 2016, a women’s group right here in Nashville that I now advise that helps women impact their personal and professional lives. These passions are also well fed in speaking opportunities, which I've been grateful to have locally, teaching individuals and business owners how to create a marketing plan at Tennessee Craft's Crafting a Brand that Sells, make an authentic brand at Craft Content or create confident marketing at The Skillery's Office Hours, to name a few.

So what do you say? Let's grab a good cup of coffee or hop on the phone. I'd love talk about your passions and how I can help alight them.