I'll help you craft marketing that fits


Running a small business is not only hard, it's often lonely. I work with small business owners to collaboratively create marketing that authentically tells their story. Through one-on-one coaching or straightforward marketing projects like web design or email marketing, I'll listen to your story, uncover what makes you unique and help you craft marketing that's manageable, effective and, dare I say it, joyful. 


I love developing relationships

I'm driven by helping a business owner find confidence in their marketing decisions. By digging deep to uncover and then alight the passion that fueled a person to launch their business, my clients and I collaboratively develop marketing that's built to fit. 



Emily Sapp 


"Kirsty embodies an exceptional combination of clarity, creativity, focus, flexibility and infectious joy. She transformed what was becoming a daunting task—writing case studies for my portfolio—into a process that deepened my sense of purpose and confidence in my abilities."

Mark Robertson, PCC


"Kirsty’s style was very open, easy and flexible, which made it easy for me to collaborate with her. And, she knows when and where to push when it’s needed so things ultimately get completed. All in all I’m extremely pleased with my new website, it’s reflective of me in a very personal way."


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Ready to learn more about working together would look like? We'll start by connecting in person to talk about what you need help with. Then, I'll create a proposal that addresses your issue, provides a solution and recommends a working relationship. Email me to jumpstart the process and create a solution that fits.