Craft Marketing that Fits


Through Seamless Marketing, I work with small business owners to create marketing that authentically tells their story and strategically grows their business. Through collaborative marketing projects like web design, email marketing or coaching I'll listen to your story, uncover what makes you unique and help you craft marketing that's manageable, affordable, effective and, dare I say it, joyful. 


WEBSITE design

I will design your website and help you through the launch process: editing your writing, finding photos and managing technology issues.


I've seen email marketing move the needle for small business more than anything. I'll design, write, strategize, template and execute.


I'll help you create marketing that you feel confidently represents and grows your business. We'll collaborate, you'll own your process. 


I've helped clients with everything from their Brand Identity to Marketing Strategy to Sales Pitches. We can find a solution to your problem.


Strategize with Confidence

I'm driven to help business owners feel confident in their marketing decision. By digging deep to uncover and then alight the passion that fueled their businesses launch, I create marketing that's built to fit.

We'll start by identifying your challenges, then create a strategy to help you achieve your goals and identify a service such as website design, email marketing or coaching that solves your problem.


"From the moment we hired Kirsty, we were impressed with her ability to listen to our company story and reflect those beliefs within the site, both visually and verbally," Shaba Derazi, Founder of Derazi Homes

"Kirsty is a pleasure to work with--collaborative, creative, and has a wonderful design eye. She listens. She offers great suggestions and solutions. She knows her stuff," Sally Schloss, Author


Contact Me

Ready to learn more about how we can work together? We'll schedule a time to talk about what you need. Then, I'll create a proposal that addresses your issue, provides a solution and recommends a working relationship. Email me to jumpstart the process and create a marketing solution that fits.